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Salt Free Water Softener Systems with Culligan

Man working for Culligan Water bringing in saltless water softener system.

In testing done by major independent laboratories, they all reached the same conclusion. Non ion exchange water treatment systems do NOT deliver soft water or the benefits of softened water. Talk to your local Culligan experts near Allentown, PA to see how a salt free water softener system can help improve the quality of your home's water.


Product Overview

With Reynolds H2O on your team, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of softened water including:

  • Chlorine tastes and odors are gone
  • Tubs, showers and shower doors are no longer covered in soap scum
  • Sinks and faucets are virtually free of crusty scale buildup
  • Keeping your house clean your is easier, and takes much less time and effort
  • Laundry washes cleaner and brighter
  • Clothes, linens and towels are much softer to the touch
  • Skin is smoother and hair is silkier and bouncier
  • Appliances work more efficiently and last longer
  • Rust and dirty water stains are no longer a problem
  • Pipes are virtually free of scale buildup and less likely to suffer from corrosion
  • Your entire home uses less detergent and soap, saving you money and helping the environment


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